Heston’s awesome steak-cooking method – tender as a lamb

11 Jan

This is what I did:

Buy a tender cut of steak.

Drive home for 90 minutes (ie the steak is not refrigerated for 2 hours). Put salt all over the steak (not pepper or it will scorch in the pan).

Heat butter in very hot pan.

Add steak and flip it every 15-20 seconds.

Once a nice tasty crust forms on the outside (or the steak is cooked to your liking on the inside) remove it and rest on a wire rack for 5 minutes (over a plate).

Serve with whatever.

I just reheated it at work for lunch and it was still delicious on the outside and tender on the inside – not to mention juicy!

Heston: “By flipping the meat every 15–20 seconds, the steak will develop a crisp flavoursome exterior without being overcooked in the centre.”

Heston air dries the meat in the fridge for 2 days on a cake rack prior to cooking. (I didn’t do that so I can only imagine how tasty it would be if I had! He also inserts a thermometer into the cooking steak to see when it has reached rare/medium/well. I didn’t do that either. For a rarer steak I should have flipped more frequently on a hotter pan.

Review: Eat for Heat by Matt Stone. No stars.

9 Jan

Eat for Heat by Matt Stone 180degreehealth


I bought this ebook Eat for Heat by Matt Stone because I had heard certain online identities crapping on about how great he is and how he really fixes people up metabolically. And it was reduced to $0.99 so what would be the harm? Unless this book is a hoax, it is complete crap.


In a nutshell:

How to eat for ‘heat’

Don’t drink water (unless at certain times of the day – as determined by a urine test)

Only eat extremely calorie-dense and crappy junk foods (but only at certain times of the day – as determined by a urine test)

High-carb salty foods are great pick-me-ups when you are ‘cold’

When you wake up at dawn’s crack, slip a salty/sugary combo under your tongue to go back to sleep.


It’s like the bulletproof coffee nonsense but on steroids. It is so hard to believe this guy actually expects to be taken seriously.

Don’t even waste your time reading it – I wish I could unsee it.


Is there any point to being paleo if you don’t have autoimmune issues?

9 Jan

I certainly see the benefits of whole foods, organic foods, and avoiding sugar and processed foods, but I am not gluten intolerant or lactose intolerant (if anything, I am shellfish intolerant!). And I get fat very quickly if I eat too many calories, regardless of how whole the coconut oil is and how grassfed the butter is and how much wheat I avoid.

I was initially quite traumatised by the following post but quickly started to think it had a valid point:

“Ok, so before you go calling me a hypocrite, or get upset with me because I have promoted this diet in the past let me explain.  First, I still think Paleo in general has some really great qualities.  For most people in our society, they are eating way too much processed crap and when they go “paleo” they feel better and many times they lose weight. People with aches, pains, and lack energy all the time, once on this diet, tend to see symptoms go away for at least awhile. So with all this said, why would I be not promoting it as heavily as I used to. Well there are a Few.

First: Is Rice Really aweful for you?? Asians have been eating rice for Thousands of years and don’t have many of the same problems that hard core Paleo Sycophants claim happen from eating this pretty neutral grain. Also, bodybuilders have been eating rice for years and remain pretty ripped. Japanese also have some of the lowest cases of heart disease in the world and also low on the scale of Cancer as well. In the case of rice quantity is key. Eating a serving isn’t going to cause you to break out in a fat suit or make your body blow up with inflammation. The problem with rice is people eat way too much of it. If we can just remember that our mouths are not a vacuum rice isn’t all that bad.

Second: FOOD IS NOT A RELIGION!!! When I was promoting this diet, I made the mistake of having clients google the paleo diet for recipes and ideas etc…..  It pretty much scared the hell out of many of them. There are blogs of people that would freak out if anyone dared give their kid a bit of processed food, and I also came across communities of  people actually basing friendships around only those that ate paleo. The focus on food goes beyond a healthy relationship with food especially for those the get sucked in. When I was on the diet eating  with others that ate Paleo I felt that everyone was looking over my shoulder when I ate. If I was eating a bag of nuts I couldn’t count how many times I would get asked “are there peanuts in there? You know peanuts aren’t a nut don’t you”? Go on discussions boards and you get people talking about being “orthodox” or “unorthodox” in their approach to eating Paleo.

Third: What the hell is wrong with Beans?

Besides possibly being a bit hard on digestion what is the issue? Sure, we can all agree that soy beans are trash because they are genetically modified and probably loaded with estrogen like chemicals, but I can’t really find any proof that beans are bad besides rhetoric  and hearsay? It’s always based on what so and so said. Kind of like  vegans that can’t do anything but quote other Vegan authors as their source of proof that it is the “way”. So many cultures have consumed beans for centuries without problems to health and disease. If you want to discuss digestion problems give me a few cups of uncooked broccoli and we may issues as well. Again, with beans portion control like anything is crucial.

Fourth: Low Carbing it

Yes, I know the Paleo diet isn’t a low carb diet, but unfortunately most people that are on it tend to turn it into another form of the ATKINS diet. If you are working out hard and kicking ass on your workouts you need carbs. Sure, those that want to eat paleo and get healthy carbs are usually smart and choose starchy squashes and yams, but after awhile yams and starches get old. Seriously folks Beans and rice are OK.

Fifth: Paleo Pizza and Almond Milk

This is what pisses me off the most about the Paleo Religous type. They will freak out if oats, grains, peanuts, or dairy touch their foods and they will tout eating unprocessed foods like the caveman ate yet they have cute recipes for their paleo pizza with almond meal and some sort of paleo cheese they purchased and for a wonderful desert they eat yummy almond milk ice cream shake…. Guess what Cavemen didn’t eat that crap because that too is processed. Kind of funny how we can trick ourselves into thinking something is what it isn’t. Unless you are milking the almond milk strait from the Almond nipples, it is processed.

Paleo and Sports Performance:

Also if you want to really talk about amazing world class athletes and how nutrition plays a roll how many Professional football players, soccer players, basketball, or world class fighters eat low carb or paleo for that matter. It only seems to matter to those that exercise a lot. Crossfitters tend to be notorious for high intensity/low carb paleo and in many cases it is a great way to create burnout and adrenal fatigue, but the funny thing some of the top Crossfit game contenders that really kicked ass this year didn’t eat low carb paleo. Peanut butter and Rice were a staple.

The Best Parts of Paleo

There is tons of research that Gluten and Corn could have some pretty crappy qualities, and that milk can also screw with some people’s digestion and cause inflammation. Realistically cutting those foods out alone could make a world of difference to most people without having to buy in to a certain philosophy that makes you feel less than if you have a bowl of oatmeal. When working with my clients just cutting out the bread and gluten can change their lives. Paleo really can get people on the right track, and at the end of the day it is most likely better than what 90% of the people out there are eating. It just goes too far in many cases and just doesn’t work in all situations, especially for those involved in high intensity exercise and eating low carb.”


Calories do Count – it was written in the satiety all along

9 Jan

Overeating paleo-style is still overeating

So Robb Wolf has finally admitted that yes calories do in fact count….


Even if paleo people generally had been in denial of this fact for a while, I have to say, just the phrasing of the paleo framework trotted out again and again by all the grand masters of the ancestral health world has always implied to me that at least subliminally calories have always counted.

“just listen to your body, man” – Mark Sisson

fat has higher satiety

protein has higher satiety

All this kind of talk suggests that the aim is to eat less, by means of eating foods with greater satiety.

Ergo, eat fewer calories.

Propter calories count.

I’m no wonder-amazeballs logician but it makes sense that the whole reason for eating foods that fill you up is so you eat less. So saying ‘eat as much protein and fat as you need for satiety’ is really just taking a gamble that whoever you are instructing to do this will not just keep eating for fun, and will actually be sated once they have ingested an appropriately restricted amount of calories.

So what’s all the fuss about?

The fact that the other blaring message on the foghorn along with ‘eat lots of fat and protein to satiety’ has been ‘calories don’t count’, thereby confusing people who don’t know when they are sated and think they have an unlimited licence to eat fat!

Mindfulness when life is mad hectic

9 Jan

Multitasking fail

When life is mad hectic, it is easy to do a bevy of tasks quickly and without thought, to make sure they get done. I can’t stress enough how important mindfulness is during such occasions. I deal with a large number of clients at once, each with their own distinct issues and problems and situations and circumstances, and each liable to ring me at any time to discuss the letter or email they received minutes, hours, days, months or even years ago.

In order to call up their information in my mind, knowing instantly who they are, what their matter relates to, and what its status is, I need to be mindful as I type, file, read, speak and strategise, in order to give each and every one of them the attention and diligence they deserve.

Yes – seems obvious.

But how often do you post a letter and then think “Did I put a stamp on that?” Or “Did I lock the car?” etc.

Often the answer is “Yes – I did it automatically.” But you never really know until you get back to your car, or the other person receives the letter. Doing things – even everyday tasks – without being mindful makes life extra stressy. All you can think about is that potentially unlocked car or the letter being returned to sender for lack of a stamp.

Performing tasks in a focused, single-minded manner so that you can distinctly remember doing them and can immediately feel confident you did them correctly can significantly reduce your stress levels when life is mad hectic.


The Gage – Chi-Town

22 Sep

We are in Chicago and this is what we ate last night:

Bison tartare – soooooo good


And this duck breast and confit of leg and something called vegetables under it:


Washed down with this delicious Pinot noir:


Mrs CL ate elk with raspberries and it too was scrumptious.

I had no idea Chicago was such a gastronomic delight but it is a lovely surprise!

Letter to Australian Senators re: Marriage Act Amendment Bill

14 Sep

This bill will be voted on in the Australian Federal Government Senate as soon as next week. I emailed the undecided senators to give them my side of the story:

Dear Senator,
I write this entreaty from New York, USA, where I have come with my
partner of six years to be legally married. We are ordinarily
residents of Sydney. I am a solicitor and my wife is an academic.
Our late summer wedding day was beautiful – a few close friends and my
immediate family were able to make the trip over, to witness the
ceremony in Central Park.
As we wandered around the park afterwards having photographs taken,
many many total strangers congratulated us on our special day – so many that we just couldn’t believe our ears! It became clear to us
just how proud the New Yorkers are that they can now offer this right
to same sex couples from all over the world. They are so proud that
they can be progressive and courageous and magnanimous, conferring on l
the minority the rights taken for granted by the majority.
It was upsetting to me that my elderly grandparents couldn’t be with
us, nor my young nephew as we celebrated our wedding day, as they all
absolutely adore my wife and would have loved to be there on the day
to celebrate with us. But their age and health meant they couldn’t
make the journey.
It just doesn’t seem fair that by virtue of our sexuality alone, we
should be denied these basic joys to which my siblings were entitled,
by virtue of theirs. Especially since we are subject to the same
social and fiscal obligations as our heterosexual siblings – we pay
the same taxes and participate in the same admirable Australian way of
life, yet are denied the benefits of same.
When we get home we know some of the burnish will fade – after all, we
will no longer be legally married once we set foot back in the country
of our birth.
Regardless of how one wishes to frame it – what semantic tricks are
played – it is discrimination, pure and simple. And I am sick of it.
Please support marriage equality for same sex couples.
Yours sincerely,