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How to deal with fish oil – try, try and try again!

30 Aug

I’m not super massively into supplements. I will take 24g whey protein after a workout, and I take a general multivitamin daily. But I prefer to get my nutrients from all the delicious wholefoods I eat every day. Let’s face it, I’d rather munch down on delicious food than just pop a few pills. But the one supplement I am cultishly devoted to is fish oil – loaded up with omega 3.

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Cauli rice – quicker and easier than actual rice!

30 Aug

Love stirfries but don’t want to eat all that rice, but at the same time finding it hard to say goodbye? I’m like that with Green Chicken Curry. I love it. I even had a special cooking lesson in Thailand specifically to teach me how to make it (along with Green Papaya Salad – another primally awesome recipe!).

So, I tried eating it without rice and it was more like soup. I tried it with steamed cauliflower underneath it and, well, it tasted like I had just put steamed cauliflower underneath curry soup. AND THEN:

Just like real rice only good for you!

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Nutritionists and sugar – denial is not just a river in Egypt

29 Aug

Just a quickie – check out this articulate flame from Sweat Like a Pig‘s blog.

I love to discover new blogs!


Who put the "jerk" in this jerky? – Recipe review

26 Aug

I have always loved jerky (well, that is, after I got used to the fact it is essentially eating chunks of raw meat whose provenance is largely unknowable. But it hasn’t killed me yet!). Jerky is primally awesome in its rawest form. Heh.

So I thought I’d find some awesome jerky recipe and make some myself, damn it!

I searched the annals of paleo wisdom and once again alighted upon the recipes of Mark’s Daily Apple. As most recipes do, this one proclaimed itself to be the best recipe for the best jerky best ever – so how could I resist? And with a few tweaks here and there (not every grocery store has ‘liquid smoke’ in aisle 3) I made the marinade as instructed and used the ‘hot marinade’ method advised to kill the pathogens that may be present in the meat (see my comments re provenance of chunks of raw meat). Firstly, the amount of marinade the recipe made and the amount of meat it suggest i defy the laws of physics by marinating in it, were laughably poorly ratioed. And I wasn’t too big a fan of this hot marinade method, as it kinda ‘cooked’ the meat slightly (see definition of “jerky” – chunks of raw meat). And the option either to lay the strips on racks in the oven or put them on backing paper in trays was an absolute JERK of an instruction, because, wishing to be a bit neater, I went for the latter option, and after 8 hours in the oven on low heat (150F / 65C), all it had done was boil in its own juices. So I left it in for another 8 frickin’ hours, and the stuff just wouldn’t dry. So I cranked up the oven in what can only be described as a ‘jerky tantrum’ and in a nanosecond the meat was dry, dark, brittle and ready to be interred.

Ideal storage for this jerky

What I would do differently:

Do not use hot marinade (use cold marinade and then ‘blast’ the meat at about 80C/170F upon first putting it in the oven, before turning it down to the recommended 65C/150F).

Do not put on trays – racks only, on pain of death!

Not put so much worcestershire sauce in the marinade – overpowering, blech!

On second thoughts, I don’t think I will blow another $20 in prime meat and a whole lotta heartache on trying to fix this recipe – NOT primal awesome.

Manu Feildel's *meh* French pepper steak – recipe review

26 Aug

I’ve been to Paris, and there I ate lots of steak. Steak that I mistook for horse (steak a cheval – which actually just means on a horse. It’s a fried egg riding a steak, ok?) and steak with frites (very un-paleo so a super no go now).

I’ve had steak with Paris butter and Diane and all sorts of princess-y type names.

I have been to Manu Feildel’s L’Etoile in Paddington and the food was superb. So I was excited when I was given Manu’s FRENCH KITCHEN as a present. The first thing I wanted to make was the pepper steak (lots of butter, eschallots, pepper, brandy and so forth).

It was greasy, the sauce separated, the directions (3 mins on either side) left me with the bluest steak this side of Elvis’s suede shoes. And to be honest, I really don’t like recipes that don’t tell you what accompaniments to eat the subject of the recipe with. So I paired it with a spinach and goat cheese salad, which outshone the steak like Elvis at a Justin Beiber show.

I never ate anything that tasted so ‘meh’ in Paris. or Paddington. Maybe Bakersfield, CA was about the same standard.

I know, I know – I cooked it, so blame me. Fair point. BUT – I am a good cook, and it sucked, so what hopes do all those other poor unsuspecting fools have? None.


Manu's French farce

Unfortunately, that is the only recipe* I can eat out of the book, and be primally awesome at the same time. Boy does the creme brulee look delicious! Just like the many I had in Paris! Must make a note to suspend this primal lark if I ever make it back…

*just saying this for effect – there are many recipes in there that are primally awesome and I intend to cook and review every last one of them.

Paleo hummus – I licked the beater

25 Aug

Wow. I just made this paleo-themed hummus (legumes are banned under paleo, hence primal awesome people don’t eat chickpeas).  I literally licked the blender – it was so damn delicious!

Basically all you do is combine and blend the following ingredients until creamy, smooth, and you lick the blender:

1 3/4 cup Zucchini (peeled, chopped)
1/2  Macadamia Nuts (unsalted…and if you can find raw, even better)
2 T Tahini
2 T Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
2 1/2 teas. Lemon Juice
1 clove of Garlic
1 teas. Sea Salt
1 slightly rounded teas. Cumin
2 Roasted Red Peppers

EXCEPT due to laziness, I left out the red peppers (or capsicums, as I prefer to call them) and added a PINCH of sweet paprika instead.

Absolutely exquisite! Check it out:

I licked the blender and said audibly, "Wow."

Mark's Decadent coconut whipped cream with berries – review!

24 Aug

I made this the other day:

Maximum flavour; maximum primal grunt

The recipe is available at the wonderful Mark’s Daily Apple site, where there is more info about being Primal Awesome than you can literally poke a caveman’s stick at.

You have the option of making a cream, berries and whipped coconut cream dessert, or melting some Green & Blacks 85% dark chocolate into it and making a super strong and coconutty chocolate mousse on steroids. I, evidently, opted for the latter.

Mine was slightly lighter in colour, but tasted delicious. Very rich – far richer than you’d expect given the ingredients.

Unfortunately the market didn’t have any raspberries so I had to go for blueberries, which were nice but I couldn’t help grumbling internally that raspberries would have been nicer and that it was far from awesome that I was missing out. But supposing I hadn’t known about the whole raspberry thing, I would have thought this recipe was 5 Primal Awesomes out of 5! Very quick and easy to make, but extremely satisfying. It is amazing the extent of primal/paleo food there is, all you have to do is bend your perceptions and enter the primal wormhole, and there it all is waiting for you, as clear as day and as if it had always been there!