Drinking dummies

22 Aug

I didn’t like to drink much when i was a teen, but all my friends did. They also liked to go out dancing. I was shy, a homebody. So i learned to drink to come out of my shell. As i entered my twenties, my friends still loved to drink and dance and stay out all night – often on weeknights. And i clearly felt i had a lot more coming out of my shell to do! I drank the nights away too. I often spent weekends lying around on the couch watching Buffy DVDs, eating unhealthy hangover-cure food, wasting my life away just as i had done the previous evening. My friends were all stuck in the same pattern. I had a crappy job, i hated it, i had no self-respect, i couldn’t see where my life was heading. The most exercise i ever did was walking around town to work, pubs, cafes, shops. I didn’t run, i didn’t do anything physical – in fact, i thought people that did that were strange, and weird, and had no friends and nothing better to do. Sad thing was – that was actually me i was describing.

Turns out when you have drinking buddies, you don’t have all that much in common when you’re not drinking – as i discovered when i quit. They said i was boring, they preferred the old me. So i did them a favour and cut ties with them. I made a choice to be around people who respected me, and whom i respected in return. People with goals, who were encouraging of my goals. People who were grown-ups. People who were awesome. And just like that, i stumbled upon my own path to awesomeness. I never looked back. Those same people are still doing the same things, now wanting to borrow money, beg for favours, go back to the good old days when i wasn’t boring and sober, fit and healthy, happy and fulfilled – still trying to suck the lifeblood out of me now! Still trying to figure out how i got where i am – discipline and letting go of denial. Yep, it’s that easy, and everyone should do it.

That’s the first thing you need to do – get rid of the takers, the ones who never give back, and the ones who make you feel bad about yourself. So bad about yourself that you can’t get out of the hole you’ve dug. They enable your lifestyle and make you feel okay about continuing on in this aimless, lonely void. You’re not happy – so change.


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