Sugar is poison

22 Aug

Heheh – this title is a bit intense, huh? Little joke, sugar is poison. I get it. WRONG – SUGAR IS POISON! For evidence, look down. See that saggy tummy? See your love handles? Feel a bit tired, haven’t spiked your blood sugar for half an hour or so? Got Type 2 diabetes? Excess fat? Decreased insulin sensitivity?

That’s because sugar is poison! Don’t take it from me – take it from this guy:

Or this guy:

Or this guy:

And if you’re still not convinced, take it from me: Sugar is poison. And it’s everywhere.

It took six months for me to almost completely cut sugar out of my diet. I used to have a heaped teaspoon in my coffee 4-5 times a day, a few more in my tea, ice cream, chocolate, jelly lollies. Actually, wow – I was really chowing down a fair bit of sugar! Now, I rarely touch it.

The most sugar I consume comes from the fruit and vegetables I eat. The next most sugar I eat is from 85% cocoa Green & Black’s Organic chocolate, and the next is the occasional dessert, because I am human! By occasional, though, I mean once every couple of months! In moderation. I choose my occasional sugar hit very wisely indeed. Because sugar is the reason I was where I was, and the reason I am not there anymore.

When I was a child, my mother would pick us up from the bus stop in the car after school (we lived a fair way out of town). On the way home my brother and I would stop at the store for a chocolate bar – “afternoon tea”. A few hours later we would have dinner, then dessert – usually ice cream, but sometimes more chocolate, or honeycomb chocolate, or some kind of dessert fruit pie or cake.

See where all this is going? You become used to it all. You just want to suck down sugary crap after sugary crap, without even thinking about it! You go to the movies and suck down a litre of Coke and an oversized bag of M&Ms, all without even noticing because Edward and Bella are just about to have sex! Get real – you will never look like either of them in this lifetime with a diet like that.

candy is poison

Delicious poison pills

So, first of all, I highly recommend retraining your palate not to need sugar all the time. Cut it out of your hot drinks, don’t drink fruit juice or fizzy drinks, and keep “treats” as “treats”, not daily crutches.

Sugar is poison!


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