Mark's Decadent coconut whipped cream with berries – review!

24 Aug

I made this the other day:

Maximum flavour; maximum primal grunt

The recipe is available at the wonderful Mark’s Daily Apple site, where there is more info about being Primal Awesome than you can literally poke a caveman’s stick at.

You have the option of making a cream, berries and whipped coconut cream dessert, or melting some Green & Blacks 85% dark chocolate into it and making a super strong and coconutty chocolate mousse on steroids. I, evidently, opted for the latter.

Mine was slightly lighter in colour, but tasted delicious. Very rich – far richer than you’d expect given the ingredients.

Unfortunately the market didn’t have any raspberries so I had to go for blueberries, which were nice but I couldn’t help grumbling internally that raspberries would have been nicer and that it was far from awesome that I was missing out. But supposing I hadn’t known about the whole raspberry thing, I would have thought this recipe was 5 Primal Awesomes out of 5! Very quick and easy to make, but extremely satisfying. It is amazing the extent of primal/paleo food there is, all you have to do is bend your perceptions and enter the primal wormhole, and there it all is waiting for you, as clear as day and as if it had always been there!


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