Manu Feildel's *meh* French pepper steak – recipe review

26 Aug

I’ve been to Paris, and there I ate lots of steak. Steak that I mistook for horse (steak a cheval – which actually just means on a horse. It’s a fried egg riding a steak, ok?) and steak with frites (very un-paleo so a super no go now).

I’ve had steak with Paris butter and Diane and all sorts of princess-y type names.

I have been to Manu Feildel’s L’Etoile in Paddington and the food was superb. So I was excited when I was given Manu’s FRENCH KITCHEN as a present. The first thing I wanted to make was the pepper steak (lots of butter, eschallots, pepper, brandy and so forth).

It was greasy, the sauce separated, the directions (3 mins on either side) left me with the bluest steak this side of Elvis’s suede shoes. And to be honest, I really don’t like recipes that don’t tell you what accompaniments to eat the subject of the recipe with. So I paired it with a spinach and goat cheese salad, which outshone the steak like Elvis at a Justin Beiber show.

I never ate anything that tasted so ‘meh’ in Paris. or Paddington. Maybe Bakersfield, CA was about the same standard.

I know, I know – I cooked it, so blame me. Fair point. BUT – I am a good cook, and it sucked, so what hopes do all those other poor unsuspecting fools have? None.


Manu's French farce

Unfortunately, that is the only recipe* I can eat out of the book, and be primally awesome at the same time. Boy does the creme brulee look delicious! Just like the many I had in Paris! Must make a note to suspend this primal lark if I ever make it back…

*just saying this for effect – there are many recipes in there that are primally awesome and I intend to cook and review every last one of them.

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