Sneaky Primal Dinner Party!

15 Sep

On the weekend my partner and I were having friends over for dinner. We have been gluten-free and primally oriented for a fair while now so it seemed only right that we continue this on even in the unprecedented context of forcing others to eat that way!

And we pulled it off!


Paleo hummus with crudites

Vietnamese chicken balls with nuoc cham


Ottolenghi lamb chops (I used tamari instead of soy sauce – soy is not great for paleo but at least tamari has no wheat)

Gluten-free sausages

Carrot and beet salad with sultanas

Raw broccoli and goat cheese salad with pollen and pumpkin seeds


Double brie, gouda, strawberries and blueberries platter.

Results: nobody would have known we were eating primally if not for my partner constantly stating, “Try this – it’s paleo!”

I didn’t take pics on the day, as I didn’t want to come across like a conceited ass, but this is someone else’s version of the lamb:


Mmmmmm – so so so so so so so so so so good! make sure you leave the lamb nice and pinkie in the middle!

Et voila – successful primal dinner party!

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