Buffalo chicken, creamed spinach and avocado salsa – Recipe review

30 Sep

In my household, I am the barrow pusher when it comes to primal eating and my partner is pretty much ‘along for the ride’. and while I would be happy to nibble on carrion and forraged berries at every meal, I like to try to keep it interesting for her to allay the risk of straying (from the lifestyle, that is, not the relationship!)

So when she asked for a chicken dinner, I turned to Mark’s Daily Apple for recipe ideas. Enter Spicy Buffalo Chicken.
(butter, garlic, sweet paprika, vinegar, Tabasco marinade painted over chicken which is then roasted and rolled in the marinade again).

And since there is a wealth of silverbeet growing in my parents’ garden where we are currently housesitting, I sliced some off and decided to make creamed spinach as a side (I omitted the flour and milk, and instead added a slosh of cream). And for a touch of freshness – I scoured trillions of websites for the perfect avocado salsa recipe (thanks, Google!) – note, I added a few leaves of thinly sliced mint, which I also found taking over my parents’ garden. Growing your own produce is so rewarding when somebody else does it for you!

Et voila! – A delicious paleo chicken dinner!

Her words (interpret as you will):
“now THIS is nice”


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