Lose your luggage

15 Oct

A lot of us fall into the trap of thinking we don’t really even need to lose weight. We are only a little overweight, and could lose it at any time – we’ve just been busy, or stressed, or going through a celebratory phase. Our weight always goes up and down – so what? We’ve all been there.

I took a trip overseas, around Christmas, and was visiting my brother in London. I had bought lots of presents in Amsterdam for him and his family, and had them stuffed into my suitcase. I was a little nervous when it came time to check our bags for the flight to London – they felt heavy as all hell, and we had a 20kg limit. We would be up for some serious euros to pay for all that excess weight.

And my bag weighed 20kg on the dot. I couldn’t believe it. It was great – no excess baggage fee. But something else struck me – if that was how heavy my bag was at 20kg, what the hell was I doing to my body, which could also stand to lose 20kg? Was I seriously carrying around this much in PURE FAT on my body? How could it possibly be? But it couldn’t possibly be anything else. That big suitcase I had lugged all the way to the airport and would soon be stuffing into the back of my brother’s car weighed the same as my excess bodily fat.

I came up with some quips to Mrs Cavelesbian, like “What a great slogan for a weight-loss company – ‘lose your luggage’!” But all jokes aside, that is exactly What I am halfway through doing, and what I am advocating to you.

It can be quite a shock to recognize just how heavy ‘life’ has made you, and understand it in relative terms. Imagine carrying an extra suitcase worth of weight around with you all day, every day. No wonder it gets so difficult to run, walk up stairs, and generally zip around as our bodies should. I should mention that once we got to my brother’s house I had to lug that 20kg bag up 3 flights of stairs. It was difficult. Boy am I glad I have got it down to 10kg, and am working on that last 10. And by sticking (mostly – let’s be realistic!) to a primal/ paleo lifestyle, I will not be getting that baggage back.


2 Responses to “Lose your luggage”

  1. Navy Star October 15, 2011 at 9:53 am #

    Very well written, great post! I guess moments like that are real eye-openers. Well done on the weight loss so far, and I am convinced you will be able to lose the other half as well. Tomorrow will be my first weigh in, so I am curious to see how much luggage I have lost!
    Best wishes to you,


    • cavelesbian October 16, 2011 at 8:23 am #

      Thanks a lot! And good luck for the weigh-in tomorrow! 🙂

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