Learning Diddly Squat

16 Oct

Mrs Cavelesbian surprised me the other day by revealing that she is the phantom master of this move:

Full squat

Clearly, I was very jealous, as I immediately tried to do it and kept falling over backwards. Also, Mark Sisson reckons this is one of the all-time essential primal moves that we should be able to do (along with the pull up and a few others that I won’t go into here).

Whether it’s heavy barbell squats, the Indigenous People’s Stretch, the bodyweight squat, the resting Grok squat, or the evacuation squat, squatting is a fundamental movement that everyone (barring injury) needs to get right. We all have the intrinsic physical tools to squat the right way, and if it weren’t for those pesky creature comforts of civilization (chairs, toilets, heeled shoes, Smith machines) softening us up and messing with our joint mobility, Grandma might be darning you a sweater from the Grok squat pose instead of the rocking chair. – Mark’s Daily Apple

So I made it my mission to perfect this move, so I can impress strangers by hunkering down for a nice relaxing squat when my legs get tired whilst waiting for a train, or something.

Helpfully, Mark has a video about how to ease into doing the squat:

I watched this, tried a few more times by sliding down the wall (helps if you have a shiny wall, or you will find you virtually disrobe on the way down), and discovered I can at least stay in the full squat position (without the wall’s help) for half a minute or so. However, I still have a way to go from the whole ‘looking and feeling comfortable’ angle.

Give it a go and feel the power of the squat!

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