Anecdotal evidence bulked up by scientific research – love it

17 Oct

High-protein breakfast (source

I know from my own experience that an increased protein intake decreases my appetite, meaning I eat fewer calories during the day, but I love it when good ol’ scientific research comes along and validates it! For the nerds out there who like to see the evidence for themselves – here is a a brand new study from the University of Sydney entitled “Testing Protein Leverage in Lean Humans: A Randomised Controlled Experimental Study” (12 October 2011) showing how a diet low in protein leads to increased hunger following meals, and increasing protein intake leads to increased satiety. I’m going to do a little more looking into it to see how it fits in with rabbit starvation (ie – I would think one would ideally maintain the fat in the diet and lose the carbs), but I was too excited not to share immediately!

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