Vale, opus

6 Nov

Yesterday I participated in a 90km bike ride from Sydney to Wollongong, which I entered back in August, would you believe it! The thing is, that was before I had acquainted myself with the concept of chronic cardio, adrenal fatigue, and elevated cortisol.

I have done the ride several times before, and have always ended up exhausted, sore, dehydrated, and chowing down lots of crap just to get through it (Gatorade, muffins, chocolate, energy bars, etc). This year I tweaked the routine slightly by having only water, frittata, sweet potato, banana and L-carnitine, and sanctimoniously refusing any of the crap on offer!

I have always thought the problem was “me”. After reading, in particular, Mark Sisson, and then confirming it with further research, I have realized the issue isn’t me – it’s the chronic cardio. I should not be subjecting my body to such damaging and high-intensity exercise for such extended periods (4.5 hours). Not in the name of fitness, anyway. Perhaps in a “proving you can do it” way, but not in a way that’s meant to optimize wellbeing.

Anyway, I am sore all over today and me knee in particular is killing me. Yes – I am getting old. However, I have learned that a great workout need NOT mean your body is wrecked afterwards. That is a stupid workout.

So this is the last endurance event for me – no more half marathons (which also kill my knees – and back!) and no more silly chronic cardio. They are just tools to help poor chubby CL prove something to somebody. The best proof is doing a few pullups in the morning and then adding a couple of kg to the deadlifts!


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