I am the Marlboro Woman

16 Nov

My dad smoked 2-3 packs a day until he was 40. Never showed any sign of wanting to quit. Until one day as he was driving home from work – no doubt puffing on his 50th smoke of the day – that he heard a story on the radio about Marlboro, and how the Marlboro Man had been one of the most successful ad campaigns ever. Dad was a Marlboro Man too.

Come to where the carcinogens are

When he got home, he turfed his smokes in the bin and never looked back – not once. See, he wasn’t into his health – he continued to drink copious amounts of beer and spirits and wine until he was 60 – but he couldn’t stand the idea of being just another sucker lapping up the Marlboro ad campaign. He didn’t give a crap it was killing him. He didn’t care when my siblings and I hid his cigarettes or ripped them up or threw them out – he just got out another pack and lit up. But when he discovered he was the punchline in some global joke, his lifelong loyalty to Marlboro reds stopped dead in its tracks. And that stubbornness was far greater than any nicotine craving would ever be. Cold turkey after 25 years solid as a smoker. RESPECT.

And the more I look into it, the more I think about what has been marketed to me during my life, the more I hate marketing, and want to resist it. Why should I use something, say, a beauty product, that is killing me with chemicals, and pay for the privilege? Why should I eat some ‘product’ developed by some company to be marketable and to suit this and that audience and to tap into this market and so forth, that is packed with chemicals, processed shit, trans fats, and every other unnatural piece of crap invented since the 1950s? And pay for the privilege? And be expected to believe it is even “healthy” for me!?

I read a great post on this last night, by Primal Med Ed, on all the crap she has thrown out just in the creams/lotions/utensils department: Paleo and Stuff.

Why use harsh chemicals to cleanse and tone your face when you can use apple cider vinegar? Why use exorbitantly priced face creams (and all the other bodyparts) when you can use coconut oil for everything? Why use sunblock when it may in fact enhance the risk of skin cancer (and contributes to a Vitamin D deficiency, leading to depression and a host of other issues)? Other than for the enrichment, let’s face it, of a company and its shareholders?

Once you stop and think about why you are doing any of these things and how the whole process got started, it makes you feel a bit ill. I bought those chemicals for my face because I had a blemish and this company put a bunch of acid and other chemicals in a jar with some convenient wipes and said if I wiped this stuff on the blemish it would disappear. Seems like an easy solution – SOLD! But what else is happening? What are those chemicals? Other than what they do to make the pimple go away, what are they doing to every other thing in my body? Are they benign?

Same goes for food – what the hell are food additives doing to your insides? The companies don’t know or care, they have a product to sell. Regulatory authorities don’t know or care – they have to wait for someone to kick up a stink about it and do some research on it and then for that research to be validated by further research and rebutted by research funded by the company feeding you the chemicals, and then they may or may not do something about it.

I know it sounds like I am advocating for conspiracy theories, but I’m not, I’m just saying: think about WHY you are doing these things. When I identify the reason why, I feel like a fool, and feel like turfing those fucking Marlboros out the window!

The Marlboro Man would never put up with this nonsense!

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