Paleonaughty over Christmas and New Year

11 Jan

I was fairly paleonaughty over the holiday period – not least because I was travelling for humongous periods in a car, staying at hotels, eating out, and eating food at my grandmother’s house. if you have ever had a grandmother and she has ever provided food for you, you will know that it usually breaches both conventional wisdom and the alternative hypothesis in regards to keeping off weight and being healthy.

Same goes for road trip fare.

The reaches of my naughtiness were far. I’m talking meat pies, croissants, bread, Pizza, beer, wine, Christmas cake, dips and chips, fruit salad, mcmuffins, hash browns, m&m’s, bun cha, gelato, mozzarella sticks, banana split, pancakes with maple syrup, savoury crepes, sausage rolls, um… I’m sure there was more but my dignity demands I stop now.

The weird thing is – I didn’t gain any weight over that time! AND I didn’t simply lose muscle and gain fat, because my clothes are loose and getting looser.

We did do a lot of walking when we weren’t in the car, and I have to say that while I was extremely naughty for the whole 2 weeks, I did manage to avoid ingesting much sugar – maybe a scoop of gelato here and there, or traditional pancakes with maple syrup, but really, compared to a pre-primal Christmas, my sugar intake was like Mother Teresa’s.

Part of my explanation for this anomaly is that I have developed inherent good primal habits that I don’t even know I’m exercising at the time, but were clearly responsible for the pretty easy and automatic restraint I used when it was time for dessert or the bread was offered. I know you’re looking at the above list and thinking “What f-ing restraint??” but believe me there was some!

I didn’t gorge myself, I only ate when hungry.
I still filled up primarily on the lovely primal stuff like meat, eggs and veg.
I limited desserts and general sugar intake.
And except for wine and beer, I didn’t drink calories – I drank a shitload of water.
A lot of my road snacks consisted of pork rinds and jerky or nuts.
Every now and then I went insane and ate something completely off the charts ridiculous like pancakes. (However I was intuitively much more restrained in my maple syrup dousing than I would have been a year ago – heck, I even asked the waitress if it could be served on the side!)

So there was some restraint involved, and I have to say it was really really easy, and it came perfectly naturally to me, thanks to my paleo training over the past 10 months.

I have been thinking about what other aspects of my daily paleo routine didn’t go out the window for the holidays – not many! I forwent most of my supplements – but I kept taking vitamin D3.
And I kept to my IF (intermittent fasting) schedule like a nun during Lent! All I did before going haywire for the day was ingest zero calories before around 11am or even a bit later, and made sure all my eating was finished by around 9-10pm. that involved drinking only black coffee all morning (which I do at home) and resisting all the shit people offer you during mornings only at christmas – like cakes, chocolates, and alcohol!

So, even though I was unashamedly on the loose for a couple of weeks, I think my new paradigm enabled me to totally enjoy hitting the road with gay abandon whilst not losing the progress I have made all year. Crazy yet utterly delightful!

Oh – and Happy New Year!




PS – apologies for all the passive-aggressive Catholic references – the Pope has made me very angry this week!
PPS – I am a former Catholic

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