The importance of critical thinking

9 Apr

Faith is a wonderful thing. But it should be earned. There are some great paleo people out there, questioning. I respect that. Swallowing someone’s particular manifesto hook, line and sinker is a mistake. Everyone is different and all things do not necessarily work for all people. Keep this in mind.

This includes things like:

calories don’t count.
Safe starches
Gluten intolerance
High protein intake
Very low carb

Beware things taken to extreme or with no room for error.
Beware things that seem like a miracle cure. Everything takes some work.

Beware Martin Berkhan’s disordered cheesecake bingeing. Beware the anti-sugar crowd’s belief that fructose is the devil but you can eat as much glucose as you like. Beware scaremongering against vaccination. Beware those that encourage unlimited intake of fat and meat – and bacon. Beware those that think they are part of a Paleolithic tribe.

This is your life, not theirs.

I got where I am by critically evaluating the advice on offer. To do otherwise would be akin to the blind acceptance of the Conventional Wisdom.

Not everything espoused by Conventional Wisdom is wrong, by the way. Unfortunately it is tainted by vested interests.

As is paleo.

So before you crown the next paleo guru of Nazereth, ask what’s in it for them? And what’s in it for me?

Why do the goal posts keep moving? Why is there ever yet more to sell you?



2 Responses to “The importance of critical thinking”

  1. blogattack April 11, 2012 at 11:11 pm #

    I think this is very important to remember – skepticism is just as healthy as going to the gym!

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