Mrs and Mrs CL in NYC for Summer/Autumn

6 Aug


(Source Dhani Jones)

This is the bastard storm that kept us circling above JFK for almost an hour – thought we’d never land…



Mrs CL and I have been planning our little midlife crisis trip to NYC for a couple of years, to explore and experience it not as hectic tourists squeezing every last thing into a meagre few days, but as residents of this wonderful city.


But then we decided we would also use the opportunity to get legally married here! So it has been very hectic, and we have spent the first few weeks touristing it up with our friends and families who have made the trek over to attend the ceremony.


But now they’re gone and we are scaling back our orgy of American food and excess – slightly. We love food, and we are not using the ‘but is it paleo’ card to avoid eating it. Sorry.

We will however drift back toward a whole, sustainable kind of eating pattern whilst we are here. I will be posting a few pics and things, for your information.

Tomorrow we are booked in to Nobu, should be great! Bring on the degustation!


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