Hob Nobbing with the Big Nobs at Nobu

9 Aug

We went to Nobu for dinner, but the actual food was slightly overshadowed by the fact that when we went in and sat down, the most hunted woman in America after K-Stew was sitting right behind Mrs CL – along with her 6-year-old daughter and nanny.

Initial excitement was quelled when I quickly realised I would not be able to photograph Mrs CL or my food, as every time I took my camera out, a waiter sprinted over to stand between me and the former Mrs Cruise, and a huge bouncer-type dude cast a withering stare at me until the camera went back into my bag. This kinda pissed me off, as I couldn’t give a shit about taking her picture, but I wouldn’t have minded a few more shots of my new wife!

Since Mrs CL had been seated in a really annoying seat with waiters pushing past and bumping her and hovering over her as they chatted to other diners, we swapped seats, so now she was facing the celeb table and I was facing the window, which overlooked a lot of scaffolding out on Hudson Street. I now took this opportunity to take a pic of Mrs CL swigging sake out of a “masu”, as I sipped on my own Emporio Martini (Tanqueray with cranberry, lychee and sake).


Mrs CL’s wooden crate full of booze

The food was nice enough but did not even come close to all the hype.

The cod with miso was a standout (or, THE standout – it was absolutely delicious), and everything else was just ‘good sushi’, ‘good sashimi’, and ‘good chocolate souffle’…

Around the time we were enjoying snapper ceviche with Peruvian chili, our erstwhile dinner companions ran out and dove into a waiting Escalade, with the paparazzi snapping away as they went. Assuming the paps had now left, Mary-Kate Olsen took the opportunity to sneak out of the restaurant too.

So for a couple of provincials in the Big Apple, it was an enjoyable evening out at Nobu, but that had very little to do with the food.


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