Mindfulness when life is mad hectic

9 Jan

Multitasking fail

When life is mad hectic, it is easy to do a bevy of tasks quickly and without thought, to make sure they get done. I can’t stress enough how important mindfulness is during such occasions. I deal with a large number of clients at once, each with their own distinct issues and problems and situations and circumstances, and each liable to ring me at any time to discuss the letter or email they received minutes, hours, days, months or even years ago.

In order to call up their information in my mind, knowing instantly who they are, what their matter relates to, and what its status is, I need to be mindful as I type, file, read, speak and strategise, in order to give each and every one of them the attention and diligence they deserve.

Yes – seems obvious.

But how often do you post a letter and then think “Did I put a stamp on that?” Or “Did I lock the car?” etc.

Often the answer is “Yes – I did it automatically.” But you never really know until you get back to your car, or the other person receives the letter. Doing things – even everyday tasks – without being mindful makes life extra stressy. All you can think about is that potentially unlocked car or the letter being returned to sender for lack of a stamp.

Performing tasks in a focused, single-minded manner so that you can distinctly remember doing them and can immediately feel confident you did them correctly can significantly reduce your stress levels when life is mad hectic.


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