Heston’s awesome steak-cooking method – tender as a lamb

11 Jan

This is what I did:

Buy a tender cut of steak.

Drive home for 90 minutes (ie the steak is not refrigerated for 2 hours). Put salt all over the steak (not pepper or it will scorch in the pan).

Heat butter in very hot pan.

Add steak and flip it every 15-20 seconds.

Once a nice tasty crust forms on the outside (or the steak is cooked to your liking on the inside) remove it and rest on a wire rack for 5 minutes (over a plate).

Serve with whatever.

I just reheated it at work for lunch and it was still delicious on the outside and tender on the inside – not to mention juicy!

Heston: “By flipping the meat every 15–20 seconds, the steak will develop a crisp flavoursome exterior without being overcooked in the centre.”

Heston air dries the meat in the fridge for 2 days on a cake rack prior to cooking. (I didn’t do that so I can only imagine how tasty it would be if I had! He also inserts a thermometer into the cooking steak to see when it has reached rare/medium/well. I didn’t do that either. For a rarer steak I should have flipped more frequently on a hotter pan.

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