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Review: Eat for Heat by Matt Stone. No stars.

9 Jan

Eat for Heat by Matt Stone 180degreehealth


I bought this ebook Eat for Heat by Matt Stone because I had heard certain online identities crapping on about how great he is and how he really fixes people up metabolically. And it was reduced to $0.99 so what would be the harm? Unless this book is a hoax, it is complete crap.


In a nutshell:

How to eat for ‘heat’

Don’t drink water (unless at certain times of the day – as determined by a urine test)

Only eat extremely calorie-dense and crappy junk foods (but only at certain times of the day – as determined by a urine test)

High-carb salty foods are great pick-me-ups when you are ‘cold’

When you wake up at dawn’s crack, slip a salty/sugary combo under your tongue to go back to sleep.


It’s like the bulletproof coffee nonsense but on steroids. It is so hard to believe this guy actually expects to be taken seriously.

Don’t even waste your time reading it – I wish I could unsee it.


Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar” ebook

17 Jan

I have just read Sarah Wilson’s little, pretty and very palatable ebook “I Quit Sugar”. Covering the same ground as David Gillespie’s “Sweet Poison” and “Sweet Poison Quit Plan”, it is more a practical guide than a dissertation on the science behind it. Which is great – many people just don’t care about that – and there are plenty of places to get it if they do (ie Gillespie). This book takes the reader through an 8-week sugar quitting plan providing strategies, tips, support and motivation to kick the sugar habit, feel better and lose weight.

It really is shocking how much of that crap we eat. It really is insidious and in everything. To understand the full extent – read Gillespie. To get a quick, easy guide to how to turn it all around, consult the Oracle of Wilson. I’ve been off sugar for a while so am not in need of the (rather interesting) crutches and distraction methods – but this stuff is hardcore and is designed to assist hardcore addicts.

It’s not rocket science by any means, but it is the vital missing ingredient between your vague desire to give up the sweet stuff and actually doing it.