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Now with Foreword from Rikard Nicholey: “Fuck you, C*nt!”

7 Sep

I have had such success with my CaveLesbian Paleo Cookbook for Weight Loss that renowned paleo blogger Rikard Nicholey of freetheenema.com has now penned a foreword endorsing the effectiveness of the diet, which will be included in version 2.0.

Rikard Nicholey’s Foreword: “Fuck you, c*nt!”

If that doesn’t inspire you to join in the fun, nothing will!

Thanks, Rikard!

Testimonials: CaveLesbian’s Paleo Cookbook for Weight Loss

7 Sep
What a response! In the first 10 minutes since the cookbook was published, I received the following testimonials about the success of the CaveLesbian Paleo Cookbook for Weight Loss!!
@wodfather: I regrew hair and my lisp disssssappeared
@gone2croatan:  It cured my persistent cough and bum leg! And also got me laid!
@meeses: I think my canine anxiety might be totally gone!
@privateuser: I now have the perfect female physique, meaning shredded abs but still have big boobs and a butt. Thank you.
@cookingdirty: Just reading it cured EVERYTHING!
@GertrudeIII: I have gained higher self-esteem and smaller (looking) hips!
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Lose your luggage

15 Oct

A lot of us fall into the trap of thinking we don’t really even need to lose weight. We are only a little overweight, and could lose it at any time – we’ve just been busy, or stressed, or going through a celebratory phase. Our weight always goes up and down – so what? We’ve all been there.

I took a trip overseas, around Christmas, and was visiting my brother in London. I had bought lots of presents in Amsterdam for him and his family, and had them stuffed into my suitcase. I was a little nervous when it came time to check our bags for the flight to London – they felt heavy as all hell, and we had a 20kg limit. We would be up for some serious euros to pay for all that excess weight.

And my bag weighed 20kg on the dot. I couldn’t believe it. It was great – no excess baggage fee. But something else struck me – if that was how heavy my bag was at 20kg, what the hell was I doing to my body, which could also stand to lose 20kg? Was I seriously carrying around this much in PURE FAT on my body? How could it possibly be? But it couldn’t possibly be anything else. That big suitcase I had lugged all the way to the airport and would soon be stuffing into the back of my brother’s car weighed the same as my excess bodily fat.

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Alternative hypothesis – why fat was unfairly demonized

20 Sep

A must read for anyone into nutrition who still can’t get their head around why fat is not the determining factor in why we get fat: “What if it’s all been a big fat lie?” by Gary Taubes

“If the members of the American medical establishment were to have a collective find-yourself-standing-naked-in-Times-Square-type nightmare, this might be it. They spend 30 years ridiculing Robert Atkins, author of the phenomenally-best-selling ”Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution” and ”Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution,” accusing the Manhattan doctor of quackery and fraud, only to discover that the unrepentant Atkins was right all along. Or maybe it’s this: they find that their very own dietary recommendations — eat less fat and more carbohydrates — are the cause of the rampaging epidemic of obesity in America. Or, just possibly this: they find out both of the above are true.”


Taubes went on to write a mammoth book entitled “Good calories, bad calories” that was very science-dense, so he dumbed it down into “Why we get fat and what to do about it”, which is a cracking read. Taubes himself is living proof that carb-restricted diets are the only way for people with a tendency to get fat to get lean and stay lean – forever. And part of eating primal/paleo is to limit carb intake. So – hand in hand, I say!

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