Calories do Count – it was written in the satiety all along

9 Jan

Overeating paleo-style is still overeating

So Robb Wolf has finally admitted that yes calories do in fact count….


Even if paleo people generally had been in denial of this fact for a while, I have to say, just the phrasing of the paleo framework trotted out again and again by all the grand masters of the ancestral health world has always implied to me that at least subliminally calories have always counted.

“just listen to your body, man” – Mark Sisson

fat has higher satiety

protein has higher satiety

All this kind of talk suggests that the aim is to eat less, by means of eating foods with greater satiety.

Ergo, eat fewer calories.

Propter calories count.

I’m no wonder-amazeballs logician but it makes sense that the whole reason for eating foods that fill you up is so you eat less. So saying ‘eat as much protein and fat as you need for satiety’ is really just taking a gamble that whoever you are instructing to do this will not just keep eating for fun, and will actually be sated once they have ingested an appropriately restricted amount of calories.

So what’s all the fuss about?

The fact that the other blaring message on the foghorn along with ‘eat lots of fat and protein to satiety’ has been ‘calories don’t count’, thereby confusing people who don’t know when they are sated and think they have an unlimited licence to eat fat!

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